Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Man down

We were returning home from eating at our favorte pho place when we
watched an elderly man fall over onto the sidewalk. Alice pulled over
and I got out to see if he was ok. He hadn't moved since falling and
iwhen I asked if he needed help he said "call 911". I called and was on
hold for way too long. When I finally got someone on the line they were
professional and quick to react. The ambulance got there quickly and
they helped the man out. Apparently when he fell he hit his head and
said he couldn't move his left. He was clearly a homeless man. I felt
sad for him but the ems guys said I could go. I hope the guy is ok.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Disney and Joshua Tree

We went to disneyland. What fun! This was my second time and moms first.
When I was there before many of the major rides were closed. I was
miffed. This time I rode everything I missed. Space mountain was the
best thing hands down. I enjoyed the haunted mansion and the two
mountain rides and I scored well in the buzz lightyear ride. I know this
will be a great place to take my nephews.
We went to joshua tree ntnl monument on sunday and holy crap it was hot.
By 11 am it was over 105 degrees. We walked, took pictures of the
beautiful lnadscape and I bouldered at the dam. By the time we got back
to the "oasis" it had to be over 115 degrees. We were hungry after
hiking in the heat so we went to dennys...what a terrible idea that
turned out to be. Terrible service and less than acceptable food. We
stopped in Hemit to visit sandra and her daughters. They have a nice
place but who would want to live in that heat? Not me.
LA is hot enough.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Mom lands in LA

Mom had never been to tinsel town before we moved here. The only regret
I have about her visit was the terrible heat. But I'll touch on that
later. We started her tour immediately. We went to the famous encounter
restaurant and had lunch. Food was just okay and overpriced. The
Atmosphere was fun, it felt like being in the movie MIB.
In the picture is the outside of the encounter restaurant @ LAX.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

She kills again

We are mourning a recent loss in our family. Red Mousey was lounging
quietly in the dining room when she was brutally murdered by Queen
Ferocious. Here are the crime scene photos. Notice the exposure of the
entrails. There will be a ceremony this wednesday after we retrieve our
beloved Mother Kelsey from the airport. Pray for the soul of Red Mousey
and rest well knowing she is now in a better place.
--brother D

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Celeb sightings

Not much to talk about this time. I thought I would chat about the two sightings in the last week. first was Jeri Ryan who played Seven of Nine from Star Trek: Voyager. She was at our favorite grocer (Whole Foods). picking up a couple items. She is shorter than I thought she would be. On TV she seems like she is 6' tall but alas she is only about 5'-7". She is pretty even in her street clothes. I like to think she was getting last moment items for the restaurant she owns in Hollywood. The other sighting was at the Benitos on beverly near Farifax. A little dive mexican joint...Super cheap food. And there is Joe Rogan the host on Fear Factor. With a tiny blonde he wore a wife beater exposing his demon jester tattoo on his right deltoid. We made eye contact and i could tell he was looking for a little recognition. I averted my gaze and pretended not to notice. I can imagine stars get tired of folks walking up and accosting their private time with dull sycophantic drivel.
I went to the Encounter restaurant this week to meet with an indie documentarian about a film he wants me to do sound design on. The restaurant looks like it was the inspiration for the movie MIB with Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith. Lava lamps everywhere and the beer taps make sound effects when used. The host desk is a hollowed out white ball looking thing with a skinny arm jutting out with a microphone built in. The film is about a group of soldiers and their time in the marines and in Iraq. It has death and explosions and stories about occupying Sadams mansion. It looks like a pretty good documentary and it will be entered into Sundance. I am just waiting for the media so I can start working. I don't think he will pay much but oh well I gotta do something more than sit in our apartment and stare at the tube.
We are going to San Fran this weekend for Michael and Riks party. I can't wait. I miss everyone in the bay area.
Well, thats it for now. see ya soon.

Friday, July 22, 2005

It's too darn hot!

Here is alice in jeans and then in cut off jeans. Its so hot here we can
barelt stand it. The fur monster is trying to hide from the heat under
the coffee table. Alice says the temp right now is 90. Ugh! I just wanna
go and sit in a pool somewhere. I wish we lived near a large body of
water. Ha ha. I have suggested we go to the beach but Alice claims to
not like the beach. Huh? Yep, its true.
We went to the Taiko drum festival with C. I was very inspired. I love
drums! The show we saw had 4 groups each doing a 25min set. I loved the
compositions of the first group. They were soulful and beautiful while
chest pounding loud. They had a group of kids 7 to 18 as the second
group. It was what you'd expect. The last group was like a taiko PR
group. They were more for the short attention span crowd who needs
flashy costumes and hip hop rhythms to be entertained. The good thing
about them was their very tight playing. They had technical timing
abilities the other groups lacked. When they all hit their drums it was
a one drum sound rather than a muddy fifteen drum attempt to be in time.
I would love to play taiko drums if I had the opportunity.
Recently, I have been learning new 3D software, Maya. its fun but there
is so much to learn.
I wish I could go to the Pierogi fest near Chicago next weekend. I love
Pierogi and would love an opportunity to see some of my family. Maybe I
can do it. I'll have to check my calander.
Well, sorry its been so long since my last entry. It is just soooooooo
hot I don't want to do anything. Alice and I were considering throwing
the kitty in the car and driving around with the AC blasting. Hope
everyone is well. Ciao for now.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Museum of Jurassic technology

What a weird place. Tons of fun. In the eye of the needle you'll find a
sculpture of a person and in the other goofy. I loved the vectographs
and the eroding dice.


Thanks Louise(far left in the pict), I loved jpl. Everytime I think
about it I feel like what I do for a living is lame. Sometimes I wish I
had gone into a different field. I think maybe I should go back and
learn engineering then I remember how lazy I am and realize I would
never find the gumption to do it.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Summer solstice sunset

On the longest day of the year Alice, Christian, Anat and Bobby and I
met at the beach. It was a beautiful day, sunny and warm. There was a
slight breeze. We sat on the sand and talked while the sun dropped below
the mountain. Bobby played his guitar in concert with the rush of the
waves. I drew figures in the sand and listened. Christian smiled and
agreed to try boogy boarding. Alice and I took pictures and shared hug
warmth as the temperature dropped to San Francisco range.
After calming our minds in nature we calmed our bellies at Swingers
Restaurant in Santa Monica.

There is something to be said for the beauty of nature and friendly

Saturday, June 18, 2005


Mo and I went to Pinks for dinner before her show yesterday. I go two
chili & cheese dogs with a strawberry soft drink. Pinks is supposed to
be the best dogs in L.A. I was dissapointed. The chili was dry and hard
to swallow and the dog was just a dog. If I go there again I'll have to
get a special like the 3 dog night or the poli-chili-tamali. Well
something more exotic than just a chili dog. I do have to say it was fun
looking at all the autographed photos on the wall and trying to count
how many were repeats.
After eating we picked up Alice and went to the acme theater where mo
was performing. My lady and I worked the box office. I have to say it
was nice doing a job that doesn't involve having to network and scramble
for clients. The Zen of being a cashier was nice. If only someone could
actually make enough to survive doing it. The show was good. I have seen
a lot of improv in my time and I know how bad it can be. This was pretty
good, definately better than mo was telling us it would be.
I am waiting to see mr and mrs smith. I'll let you know waht I think in
a later installment.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Leo Carrillo tide pools

We are here at the beach and unfortunately low tide today isn't really
low enough to get the full effect. But, we did spy some shore crabs as
well as pearl crabs. It is slightly windy and alice is always chilly so
here she is in her coat at the sunny beach. I'm not much better in my
black sweatshirt and jeans. Are we city people or what? We picked up
some picnic food before our drive here so now is the time when we eat.
Chow for now(pun intended).

Friday, June 03, 2005

Some beast in a Sunbeam

I thought she was too cute to pass up sharing her vicious tranquility.

Oh! I love my pretty little flower.

Went to the flower market yesterday with Alice and Christian. Apparently it is the largest market in the U.S.. C goes regularly and buys lilies
and gardenias and orchids. We just got a couple bright orange gerber
daisies. After the flower market we went to buy young coconuts (9 for
$5) but they were out until next week. Darn. C usually gets 3 cases for
himself and we get 1 or 2 for us. I think my favorite part to having a
young coconut is using the cleaver to open it. WHAM WHAM WHAM yummy.
I dropped A and C off so they could work and took our dasies home. I got
them in a pitcher full of h2o and on the table. I go into the office to
find some wood glue to fix C's kitchen drawer and the beast runs to the
table and ...well you can imagine the mess. Water everywhere and flowers
allover the table. I love her but she is too ferocious for her own good.
She is in a sunbeam right now being horribly cute. Well I gotta run
alice to work @ C's. Ttfn.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Yin and yang eggs

Its memorial day weekend. Sunday. Alice and I got up and I was hungry.
She suggested eggs and waffles. I dropped the eggs in the pan and looked
down to see a perfect y&y symbol. It took me a few seconds to get the
sidekick to the stove and by the time I took the picture it was harder
to see butb you get the idea.
Flemming is comming over tonight to hang and maybe game. Haven't seen
him since we moved so its nice to have him visit. Rachael M. Might show
also. Elise and beau will be here in a couple days. Too bad their days
don't overlap, we could have an unofficial pot luck pub LA style.
Alice is currently reading her favorite mag, the new yorker. The kitty
is on my lap. There is a nice breeze. No helicopters overhead right now.
I think I'll go play warcraft3.

Monday, May 23, 2005

New (used) car

Well, we are at the dealer and getting ready to take posession of our
car and I heard engine noise. Now we are waiting for their mechanic to
come back from lunch. I hope its just a belt and not a major problem
with the car. Alice is reading her new yorker and drinking my water. We
are both excited to get this car and end the insanity that is car
search. Oh it is gorgous today. No clouds and a slight breeze. La has
some really great weather. Now to find work. Voof.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Sith Suckith

Lucas should appologize and refund the money to every
person who spent the $12 to see "Star Wars Episode 3:
Revenge of the Sith". This, the last of the series
proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that A, Lucas should
not be allowed to write or direct anything ever again.
and 2, The world is filled with people who wouldn't
know a good movie if it kicked them in the head.
I have never been so taken aback by how bad a movie
could be. From terrible choices in actors, bad screen
writing, third rate direction, to horrible line
delivery, this movie could not have been much worse.
The only redeeming quality this movie had is its cgi
and some of its sound.

Lets discuss these points one by one:
-"bad actor choice" Hayden Christensen has no concept
of what acting is. He knows nothing of character and
has no concept of interacting with others. He is a
dead fish put in a movie because he looks pretty.
Natalie Portman, although better than Hayden is still
woefully underqualified to be in such a prominent
role. Like Hayden, the only good thing about her
performance in this film is that at times she is good
to look at.
I have seen Ewan Mcgreggor act in other films before
and I wasn't completely repulsed. What happened in
this film, Ewan?
Samuel Jackson, please tell me it was the direction. I
laughed at your delivery in the scene on the landing
pad when the emperor was safely returned after being

-"bad screen writing" The dialog in this film is
stilted and unbelievable. I have never sat through a
movie and found myself wishing the actors would just
shut up. The worst scene was the "You are so beautiful
because I love you" scene between Hayden and Portman.
Knowing full well they cant act, Lucas gave them crap
dialog and then didn't leave the whole scene in the
cutting room toilet where it belongs. But that's not
it. There was the scene where the Jedi council goes to
arrest the emperor. I can't imagine anyone brilliant
enough to become a Sith lord and take over the control
of a galaxy wold say the juvenile lines the emperor
Yoda even had lines that felt like Lucas yammering on
about his home life problems when he told Anakin to
let go of all he loves. I would think that would be a
line from the emperor. Yoda is supposed to be on the
light side of the force. Is love not a good thing? Are
friendships not good? Did Lucas actually think about
what he was writing and the contradictions?

-"third rate direction" When a director is given a
movie to make they must concentrate on all aspects of
a film. There are things beyond CGI Mr. Lucas. Yes,
the landscapes and robots were well designed and
implemented, but do you know anything about acting? I
was amazed while I watched bad scene after bad scene
go by. I know some of these actors can deliver a line
and make it believable, but not many scenes in this
film were above high school quality.

George, Yep, you have access to some really good
graphics people. Some of the best in fact. Let them do
their job and you concentrate on the overall film. If
you can't do it all, hire help. There are directors
out there that could have made this a great film.
There are screen writers who could have taken your
words and made them tolerable. Don't focus so much on
how the lava planet looks at the expense of the story.

I bet after months of tweeking one character your
artists get pretty bored and want to add something fun
to the scene. There is a limit to how much you can do
before it becomes distracting. Little cutsie robots
scurrying around a spaceship is nice once or even
twice but every time we are taken into a new location
you have some stupid little distraction that makes my
skin crawl. If you need that many distractions you
need to fix the film.

-"sound effects" The crew at the ranch did a great job
of taking the same old sounds and putting them in to
this movie. R2-D2 did some interesting things in this
film he has never done before (or after) like flying,
catching a comunicator, spraying fire but his "wow"
sound has been in EVERY FILM. There has to be more
ways to say "oh shit! oh shit! oh Shit!"
-"Music" You can have a series of films that each have
their own musical feel and yet still fit in to the
series. Williams has seemingly one trick and that was
stolen from Holst. A note to anyone else who plans on
making a series of can use six different
composers and six different styles of music and still
have a consistent and moving story.

I could go on but this movie isnt worth the time I've
given it, let alone more.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

A picture

Here is a picture

From my sidekick

Just thought I'd try to send in an entry from my sidekick. If this works
I can update any time.

First One

How boring am I? I can't even think of something to say. I guess you might want to know I just moved my car to another spot because I was dangerously close to hitting the posted 2 hour limit.