Wednesday, August 24, 2005

She kills again

We are mourning a recent loss in our family. Red Mousey was lounging
quietly in the dining room when she was brutally murdered by Queen
Ferocious. Here are the crime scene photos. Notice the exposure of the
entrails. There will be a ceremony this wednesday after we retrieve our
beloved Mother Kelsey from the airport. Pray for the soul of Red Mousey
and rest well knowing she is now in a better place.
--brother D

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Celeb sightings

Not much to talk about this time. I thought I would chat about the two sightings in the last week. first was Jeri Ryan who played Seven of Nine from Star Trek: Voyager. She was at our favorite grocer (Whole Foods). picking up a couple items. She is shorter than I thought she would be. On TV she seems like she is 6' tall but alas she is only about 5'-7". She is pretty even in her street clothes. I like to think she was getting last moment items for the restaurant she owns in Hollywood. The other sighting was at the Benitos on beverly near Farifax. A little dive mexican joint...Super cheap food. And there is Joe Rogan the host on Fear Factor. With a tiny blonde he wore a wife beater exposing his demon jester tattoo on his right deltoid. We made eye contact and i could tell he was looking for a little recognition. I averted my gaze and pretended not to notice. I can imagine stars get tired of folks walking up and accosting their private time with dull sycophantic drivel.
I went to the Encounter restaurant this week to meet with an indie documentarian about a film he wants me to do sound design on. The restaurant looks like it was the inspiration for the movie MIB with Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith. Lava lamps everywhere and the beer taps make sound effects when used. The host desk is a hollowed out white ball looking thing with a skinny arm jutting out with a microphone built in. The film is about a group of soldiers and their time in the marines and in Iraq. It has death and explosions and stories about occupying Sadams mansion. It looks like a pretty good documentary and it will be entered into Sundance. I am just waiting for the media so I can start working. I don't think he will pay much but oh well I gotta do something more than sit in our apartment and stare at the tube.
We are going to San Fran this weekend for Michael and Riks party. I can't wait. I miss everyone in the bay area.
Well, thats it for now. see ya soon.