Friday, July 22, 2005

It's too darn hot!

Here is alice in jeans and then in cut off jeans. Its so hot here we can
barelt stand it. The fur monster is trying to hide from the heat under
the coffee table. Alice says the temp right now is 90. Ugh! I just wanna
go and sit in a pool somewhere. I wish we lived near a large body of
water. Ha ha. I have suggested we go to the beach but Alice claims to
not like the beach. Huh? Yep, its true.
We went to the Taiko drum festival with C. I was very inspired. I love
drums! The show we saw had 4 groups each doing a 25min set. I loved the
compositions of the first group. They were soulful and beautiful while
chest pounding loud. They had a group of kids 7 to 18 as the second
group. It was what you'd expect. The last group was like a taiko PR
group. They were more for the short attention span crowd who needs
flashy costumes and hip hop rhythms to be entertained. The good thing
about them was their very tight playing. They had technical timing
abilities the other groups lacked. When they all hit their drums it was
a one drum sound rather than a muddy fifteen drum attempt to be in time.
I would love to play taiko drums if I had the opportunity.
Recently, I have been learning new 3D software, Maya. its fun but there
is so much to learn.
I wish I could go to the Pierogi fest near Chicago next weekend. I love
Pierogi and would love an opportunity to see some of my family. Maybe I
can do it. I'll have to check my calander.
Well, sorry its been so long since my last entry. It is just soooooooo
hot I don't want to do anything. Alice and I were considering throwing
the kitty in the car and driving around with the AC blasting. Hope
everyone is well. Ciao for now.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Museum of Jurassic technology

What a weird place. Tons of fun. In the eye of the needle you'll find a
sculpture of a person and in the other goofy. I loved the vectographs
and the eroding dice.


Thanks Louise(far left in the pict), I loved jpl. Everytime I think
about it I feel like what I do for a living is lame. Sometimes I wish I
had gone into a different field. I think maybe I should go back and
learn engineering then I remember how lazy I am and realize I would
never find the gumption to do it.