Sunday, May 29, 2005

Yin and yang eggs

Its memorial day weekend. Sunday. Alice and I got up and I was hungry.
She suggested eggs and waffles. I dropped the eggs in the pan and looked
down to see a perfect y&y symbol. It took me a few seconds to get the
sidekick to the stove and by the time I took the picture it was harder
to see butb you get the idea.
Flemming is comming over tonight to hang and maybe game. Haven't seen
him since we moved so its nice to have him visit. Rachael M. Might show
also. Elise and beau will be here in a couple days. Too bad their days
don't overlap, we could have an unofficial pot luck pub LA style.
Alice is currently reading her favorite mag, the new yorker. The kitty
is on my lap. There is a nice breeze. No helicopters overhead right now.
I think I'll go play warcraft3.

Monday, May 23, 2005

New (used) car

Well, we are at the dealer and getting ready to take posession of our
car and I heard engine noise. Now we are waiting for their mechanic to
come back from lunch. I hope its just a belt and not a major problem
with the car. Alice is reading her new yorker and drinking my water. We
are both excited to get this car and end the insanity that is car
search. Oh it is gorgous today. No clouds and a slight breeze. La has
some really great weather. Now to find work. Voof.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Sith Suckith

Lucas should appologize and refund the money to every
person who spent the $12 to see "Star Wars Episode 3:
Revenge of the Sith". This, the last of the series
proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that A, Lucas should
not be allowed to write or direct anything ever again.
and 2, The world is filled with people who wouldn't
know a good movie if it kicked them in the head.
I have never been so taken aback by how bad a movie
could be. From terrible choices in actors, bad screen
writing, third rate direction, to horrible line
delivery, this movie could not have been much worse.
The only redeeming quality this movie had is its cgi
and some of its sound.

Lets discuss these points one by one:
-"bad actor choice" Hayden Christensen has no concept
of what acting is. He knows nothing of character and
has no concept of interacting with others. He is a
dead fish put in a movie because he looks pretty.
Natalie Portman, although better than Hayden is still
woefully underqualified to be in such a prominent
role. Like Hayden, the only good thing about her
performance in this film is that at times she is good
to look at.
I have seen Ewan Mcgreggor act in other films before
and I wasn't completely repulsed. What happened in
this film, Ewan?
Samuel Jackson, please tell me it was the direction. I
laughed at your delivery in the scene on the landing
pad when the emperor was safely returned after being

-"bad screen writing" The dialog in this film is
stilted and unbelievable. I have never sat through a
movie and found myself wishing the actors would just
shut up. The worst scene was the "You are so beautiful
because I love you" scene between Hayden and Portman.
Knowing full well they cant act, Lucas gave them crap
dialog and then didn't leave the whole scene in the
cutting room toilet where it belongs. But that's not
it. There was the scene where the Jedi council goes to
arrest the emperor. I can't imagine anyone brilliant
enough to become a Sith lord and take over the control
of a galaxy wold say the juvenile lines the emperor
Yoda even had lines that felt like Lucas yammering on
about his home life problems when he told Anakin to
let go of all he loves. I would think that would be a
line from the emperor. Yoda is supposed to be on the
light side of the force. Is love not a good thing? Are
friendships not good? Did Lucas actually think about
what he was writing and the contradictions?

-"third rate direction" When a director is given a
movie to make they must concentrate on all aspects of
a film. There are things beyond CGI Mr. Lucas. Yes,
the landscapes and robots were well designed and
implemented, but do you know anything about acting? I
was amazed while I watched bad scene after bad scene
go by. I know some of these actors can deliver a line
and make it believable, but not many scenes in this
film were above high school quality.

George, Yep, you have access to some really good
graphics people. Some of the best in fact. Let them do
their job and you concentrate on the overall film. If
you can't do it all, hire help. There are directors
out there that could have made this a great film.
There are screen writers who could have taken your
words and made them tolerable. Don't focus so much on
how the lava planet looks at the expense of the story.

I bet after months of tweeking one character your
artists get pretty bored and want to add something fun
to the scene. There is a limit to how much you can do
before it becomes distracting. Little cutsie robots
scurrying around a spaceship is nice once or even
twice but every time we are taken into a new location
you have some stupid little distraction that makes my
skin crawl. If you need that many distractions you
need to fix the film.

-"sound effects" The crew at the ranch did a great job
of taking the same old sounds and putting them in to
this movie. R2-D2 did some interesting things in this
film he has never done before (or after) like flying,
catching a comunicator, spraying fire but his "wow"
sound has been in EVERY FILM. There has to be more
ways to say "oh shit! oh shit! oh Shit!"
-"Music" You can have a series of films that each have
their own musical feel and yet still fit in to the
series. Williams has seemingly one trick and that was
stolen from Holst. A note to anyone else who plans on
making a series of can use six different
composers and six different styles of music and still
have a consistent and moving story.

I could go on but this movie isnt worth the time I've
given it, let alone more.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

A picture

Here is a picture

From my sidekick

Just thought I'd try to send in an entry from my sidekick. If this works
I can update any time.

First One

How boring am I? I can't even think of something to say. I guess you might want to know I just moved my car to another spot because I was dangerously close to hitting the posted 2 hour limit.