Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Bunny is Coming

I am the bunny. I am the bunny. koo koo ka choo!
Christian has begun a little pet project. He offered the gig to mo but
she had to work so I said I'd do it. I am very excited about being the
E. Bunny. I get to run around LA and be crazy. Today we shot some
footage downtown with 2 girls @ Pershing square, 2 boys @ 11th and hope
and another couple of kids in pinata row on Olympic. It was fun seeing
the kids eyes light up when they realized the bunny was there. Apart
from a couple frightened 3yr olds it all went great. Alice was a
tremendous help with getting the suit on and leading me around while I
couldn't see. The only complaint is how amazingly hot it is under the
rubber head.
We are shooting again next week and the video should be done in a few
weeks. I can hardly wait.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You must have been a beautiful baby bunny, 'cause baby look at you now.